British Cheese Celebrated at Longueville Manor

24 Oct 2010

British Cheese Celebrated at Longueville Manor

To coincide with British Cheese week, an event which runs in the UK from 26th September - 4th October 2010 to celebrate the diversity and quality of British cheese, Longueville Manor are celebrating the occasion by offering a diverse range of 40 different British cheeses on their cheese board.

Andrew Baird, Head Chef of Longueville Manor, said: “There are over 800 different cheeses made in the UK and 40 of those will be on offer at Longueville Manor next week so anyone thinking of choosing a different cheese for British Cheese Week will be spoilt for choice. Throughout the week in the hotel’s restaurant we will be using a number of different British cheeses to make some tasty dishes for people to try and enjoy, including ‘Slow Roast Belly of Pork and Cheese Mashed Potatoes’ ‘Woodland Mushroom Risotto with Rocket and Montgomery Cheese’ and even ‘Apple Pie with a Cheese and Pecan Ice Cream with a Toffee Butter Sauce.’

The event coincides with industry research which suggests British cheese is vastly growing in popularity over the somewhat more traditional French or Italian cheeses. Not only is the UK still producing new British cheeses but cheese-makers are currently producing more Mozzarella in the UK than is produced in Italy.

Malcolm Lewis, Owner of Longueville Manor said: “We are pleased to be leading the way at Longueville Manor in celebrating British Cheese Week. We are passionate about educating our guests in the diverse range of local and British produce available on our doorstep and I think visitors to the hotel will be surprised at just how many varieties of cheese there really are being made in Britain. We hope many visitors and locals will join us throughout this unique event and come and try something decidedly British and different from our cheese board.”

An interesting cheese to appear on the Longueville Manor British cheese board will be ‘Yarg Cornish Cheese Nettle Wrap’ which was one of the first speciality cheeses to come into the British market following the demise of speciality cheese prior to the war. The cheese, which has a unique appearance and flavour, is made from the milk of the Lynher herd of Holstein /Friesian cows and it is wrapped in nettles to impart its unique natural flavours. Another interesting cheese on the cheese trolley is the unusually named ‘Green Thunder’ which is a mature cheese made from cows' milk and vegetarian rennet together with garlic and green herbs. It is given its name due to its thick, bright green and waxy rind which adds to the creamy flavour. This will also be joined by the ‘Black Bomber’; a striking black cheese which is award winning for its extra mature taste and thick black wax containing pasteurised cows' milk - making it suitable for vegetarians.