The Cottage Garden

The perfect retreat to de-stress, unwind and be pampered. Now recognised as the leading boutique spa in Jersey.


The Cottage Garden is a small yet idyllic sanctuary offering an exceptional spa experience. It is the perfect retreat to de-stress, unwind and be pampered.

Taking its name from the tranquil surrounding and nearby Victorian kitchen garden, The Cottage Garden boutique spa embodies the purity of the location, the unique setting and the philosophy of all that is Longueville Manor. Many of the therapies and treatments are fruit and herb based and complete a unique circle of relationships between the kitchen gardener, the chef and the therapist.

The highly trained Cottage Garden team will treat every guest on a one-to-one basis and can help recommend either the right spa treatment or a luxurious manicure or pedicure.

In addition to a comprehensive range of REN Skincare treatments, The Cottage Garden has recently introduced a signature massage collection using unique and natural oils handcrafted by Jersey cosmetic brand Manomara

The Cottage Garden is one of the few spas in the world to feature the de Mamiel Rhythm of Nature Holistic Facial, an exclusive treatment from cult beauty brand de Mamiel.

Facial and body acupressure are key to this treatment, enabling the therapist to realign different areas of the body and promote healthy circulation. A Jade Roller is utilised to massage, helping to tighten the skin and close the pores, while Qi rejuvenation massage techniques help to increase lymph flow. These processes are applied in combination with a series of fragrant herbal poultices, botanical balms and healing seasonal oils, which work to not only help repair any past damage, but most importantly to prepare for the new season and the changes it brings.


Spa Treatments

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